Nightmare Universe
Primary ResidentsThe Alternate inhabiants of the Matoran Universe
Former ResidentsKrataka
LocationIn the dreams, inside a portal on Artakha
SizeSame size as the Matoran Universe
MakutaAlternate Ceasame


The Nightmare Universe is the dimension Krataka came to while he was in a coma after a battle in Karda Nui. Helryx knows everything about this universe and doesn't want anybody inside it.

Known Inhabiants

Do you see the difference between the real and the alternate characters? Take a look!

  • Ceasame - The Great Spirit of the Nightmare Universe
  • Atukam (Unofficial)
  • Krataka (Unofficial/Formerly)
  • Matoh (Unofficial)
  • Yonex - A ghost of the Fallen Warriors
  • Krall - A ghost of the Fallen Warriors
  • Akatark - The last member of the Fallen Warriors
  • Fratan - A mysterious bounty hunter
  • "The Shadowed One" - Former leader of the Dark Hunters
  • Hades - Former leader of the Skakdi (Deceased)
  • Zardak - New leader of the Skakdi
  • Tazzuk - One of the leaders of the Dark Hunters
  • Makuta of Ko-Metru - One of the leaders of the Dark Hunters
  • Skakdi - Monsters from Zakaz ruled by Hades/Zardak
  • Maxilos Robots - Everyone were destroyed by Lhikan when he saved Krataka.
  • Dark Hunters - Ruled by Tazzuk and the Makuta of Ko-Metru
  • Fallen Warriors - A disbanded Toa Team after everyone except Akarark died.
  • Mata Nui - Former Great Spirit of the Nightmare Universe and prisoner in the Archives
  • Lhikan - Leader of Metru Nui
  • Teridax - Killed by Ceasame to stop him from overthrowning Mata Nui.
  • Miserix - Former leader of the Brotherhood of Makuta
  • Brotherhood of Makuta - Ruled by Tuma, will soon be eliminated


  • It's official how it got it's name. It was named "nightmare" because many in the Matoran Universe comes to this universe when they get nightmares.
  • The Unknown Toa of ???, Krataka and Matoh aren't really inhabiants of the Nightmare Universe since they aren't alternate.



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