Nortre nui
Nortre Nui
Primary ResidentsMatoran,Rahi,Makuta
Former Residents'
LocationIn a hidden cave underneath Metru Nui and a little to the south,but above Phoenia Nui
SizeIncludes City of Avohkii,Kraakhan Mound,The Narrows,River Causs,Midpoint,Tridox Bay
PronunciationNor-ter new-ee

Nortre Nui was an island torn between Light and Darkness.The city is legendary,built by an ancient spirit named Nortre billions of years ago.It was one of the oldest cities in the universe.The island was a host of Villainy and Heroes over its course of life.



Nortre Nui was first found by an ancient spirit called Nortre,believed to be the last of the Great Beings.The city was supposed to be wonderfully beautiful,but Makuta from all over the universe have come here to search for their true leader,who's name has been forgotten,but everyone calls him "Master".Any Makuta that happens to come to Nortre Nui gets trapped on Kraakhan Mound by a strange energy source,called "The Authority" by the locals.


Nortre Nui was originally founded to be a capital for all Matoran,but was later forgotten as the cavern entrance collapsed.It now hosts the longest river in the universe,The River Causs,which starts in Metru Nui's dome and ends at the island Midpoint.

The Dark Times

When the World Schism opened up on Gatris Nui,Nortre Nui was devastated.The Authority that restrained the Makuta stopped working,so the island was nearly destroyed.The waters became poisoned,plant life was at a record low,and The River Causs reversed,threatening to bring the entire dome to collapse.Once the crises ended,the Makuta were rounded up and sent back to Kraakhan Mound.The Causs went back to its normal flow,and the area re-stabilized.

The Great Cataclysm

When the Great Cataclysm occurred on Metru Nui,Nortre Nui was devastated once again.Waves crashed and ripped at the islands,an area of the dome where the Northern Sea used to be collapsed,and the entire city was once again devastated.Once the Cataclysm Cataclysm ended,everything returned to normal.

The Bohrok-Xa Wars

A couple of years later,a tunnel connecting Gatris Nui to the city opened up once again in The Narrows,and,unfortunately,the Bohrok-Xa found a way through it.The city went through yet another crises,and the Bohrok-Xa nearly destroyed the entire city.Even the city's protector,Tridox,was hurt by them.Once they were rounded up later,the people of the city learned to close Nortre Nui's borders,say for one entrance,The River Causs.

Golden Age

The island went into a age of peace,besides having the large amount of (species) Makuta on Kraahkan mound.The island had no protectors.


Notre nui destroyed gone

Later, Lord Kivon discovered that Seeker was alive and well, now Keeper. He immediately teleported there but unfortunately "collided" with Keeper while teleporting. The resulting explosion occured at the exact point of which Mata Nui was awoken, and the shockwaves destroyed the whole continent and its outlying islands, restoring it to its true form.


  • The island was named after the ancient spirit Nortre,who was the person that founded it.
  • Tridox used to be its protector.
  • Nortre Nui is actually one of Nui (spirit) Mata Nui's Lungs.


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