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Foam Finger Matoran
GroupToa Meto, The Three Generals
KanohiGreen and red Hau Nuva-shpaed Janoe
ColorsRed, Orange, Green
ElementFire, limited Wind
OccupationGeneral, Toa
ToolsSpiny Sword, advanced Zamor Launcher
StatusDEAD(just kidding he's alive)
PronunciationToe-UH NU-REE
Toa Nuhrii's second form. When a Toa completes part of their destiny while wearing a Kanohi Janoe, Artaka rewards them with a new set of armor. This is the first set. Also, only the Toa that wears armor rewarded to them by Artaka that wears a Konohi Janoe can switch back to their original armor.


  • This armor has spikes across it that makes the user nearly invounerable to melee attack.
  • This armor channels strength through the user and gives them advantage to melee fighting and sprinting.


  • The spikes across the armor make it harder to carry multiple weapons at one time.

Weapon Description

  • Spiny Sword- Conducts Fire and Wind elemental powers, extra sharp and spiky for max damage.
  • Advanced Zamor Launcher- Has higher range, higher velocity, and reloads faster than normal Zamor Launchers.


  • "Spiculi" is latin for 'spike'.

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