Nui marsh
Nui Marsh
Primary ResidentsMatoran,Bohrok Nuva
Former Residents'
LocationWest of Gatris Nui (island),Northeast of Vakam.
SizeIncludes Islands one through seven,Mt. St. Lhikan,Mountain Peak Temple
PronunciationNew-ee marsh

Nui Marsh was a group of islands on the endless sea near Gatris Nui.It is made up of seven islands,and the enormous mountain Mt. St. Lhikan,named after Toa Lhikan by Turaga Vakama.The mountain is one of the tallest in the world,where people can see all the way to Laksuj-Konom and the Southern Islands.There are seven islands total,and they all used to be one,connected to Gatris Nui.

Early Years

After the Great Spirit Gatris Nui created his island,a large part broke off during a large earthquake.As a result,both cultures developed completely differently.Later,the island broke into seven pieces.Two plates slammed severely into each other,causing one of the tallest mountains in the world,Mt. St. Lhikan.The people of the Marsh made a large Temple at its top called Mountain Peak Temple,also called St. Lhikan Temple.It is known for fact that at least one Nui Orb was hidden in the Temple.It is also possible that their are more on the rest of the island.

The Dark Times

When the events of The World Schism transpired on Gatris Nui,many of the plant life died on the Marsh.The entire place went into famine,and the economy collapsed.Plagues killed many people,and a large group of Matoran,known as the Saviors,went out to search for the source of the disaster.They went to St. Lhikan Temple,observed the World Schism,and proclaimed the end of the world.Uproar followed and many left the island,visited neighboring Gatris Nui,came back,and told the tales of the World Schism,Makuta,and Mata Nui.Secretly,they brought back Nui Orbs to hide,as stated above.The disaster ended and the Marsh and Gatris Nui took on trading with each other and became allies.

Recent Times

When the Toa Nuva traveled to The World That Feeds The World,the forces of Makuta invaded Gatris Nui,but failed to invade the Marsh since they thought there were no Orbs there.Many Matoran from Gatris Nui have taken refuge here from the invasion,and the matoran of the Marsh welcome them.Although The Marsh currently has no Toa,it has a protector named Opehri.The Marsh now serves as the trading post for Yudia Nui matoran.The matoran that came from Gatris Nui however still remain at Nui Marsh due to the fact that Gatris Nui has not been "healed".


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