"Fire has the power to warm, light...and destroy."
-Numa to Tinok
Image-IMG 8219
GroupFire Tribe
ColorsRed, Yellow
ElementFire (cannot control fire or magma but can withstand it)
OccupationArena Sektra Battler
ToolsFire Sword, Spinak Launcher
LocationBara Sektra


Numa is one of the many Atahi that have come to call Bara Sektra their home. He is

allied with the fire tribe of Bara Sektra and has hated the ice tribe for as long as he can remember. But, although he hates the ice tribe, he has befriended the jungle tribe and even fights together with Hurix. He does not remember the day when his planet shattered and forced him to live on a fragment that had been launched far out into the galaxy, away from the other fragments. He has fought many battles and been on many adventures, but being called to be a warrior in the arena was one of the greatest times in his life. Maybe the only adventure greater was trying to find a lost stone that completed an old artifact. It was not an important artifact, but it had been cherished by the Paki of the fire tribe. He practices through the hours of morning and meditates during the evening. He is trained by his Paki mentor, Matix


Like most of the fire tribe, Numa has a bad temper so other Atahi try not to irritate him.

He is very courageous,which can sometimes get him into trouble. He loves his tribe and protects it at all costs, the Paki honor him for this. Heis loyal to his duty and to his friends, although there have been some instances where he ignores them and tries to go it alone. He is very good friends with Hurix and would lay down his life for him and vice-versa. He is hateful to the ice tribe and especialy to Tinok.

Powers and Tools

Numa weilds a Spinak Launcher and a fire sword that heats up and can melt through any substance known to the Bara

Sektrians. He is both agile and strong and can withstand extreme heat.


"Everyone has the power to help or destroy...all they have to do is choose."
-Numa and Matix's motto
"Ever go to school, Tinok? Then you should know fire melts ice!"
-Numa to Tinok while in battle
"It isn't power that wins's how you use it."
-Numa to himself in realization

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