""Oh, now you’re awake, Dermis-Head. You woke up before I was even here the first time. You really do have no sense, don’t you; keeping me waiting. And here, I thought Nynrah Ghosts have manners. You really don’t want to prove me wrong, or that leg of yours will be the last of yours worries.""
―Jerrow, Legend of Lesovikk


Species : Fe-Matoran
Group : Nynrah Ghost
Kanohi : N/A
Colors : Gunmetal, Brown
Element : Iron
Occupation : Crafter
Tools : Dual Magnetizers, Protosteel Board
Location : Nynrah
Status : Alive, looking for Legek K1
Pronunciation : Nuf-Ohl

Nuphol is a Fe-Matoran and a formor Nynrah Ghost.


While on Nynrah, he and the other Ghosts had just finished crafting the Spear of Fusion, when he met Toa Lesovikk. He gave the Toa a sky sled, in exchange for teachings in heroism. Soon after, his friend, Vendsa came to them, informing them that the Spear of Fusion had been stolen by a Skakdi Dark Hunter. Lesovikk left to go after him.

Later, the Nynrah Ghosts started making a robot, which Nuphol named Legek K1, to prevent any more theifs. However, when the machine awake it destroyed most of the village. Nuphol when at it with his Protosteel Board.

Abilities and Traits

Nuphol has very little sense of humor and is a skilled craftsman.

After Lesovikk's teaching, Nuphol gained much knowledgfe of elemental energy and fighting technys.


Nuphol has been known to carry his Dual Magnetizer as crafting tools and a Protosteel Board for transportation.


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