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1215915043 DISPLAY
Group Society of Guardians
Element Light
Kanohi Huna
Tools Power Sword, Power Staff
Status Alive
Location Fortress of Ages
Pronunciation noo-ZAHK-ah

Nuzaka is an Av-Matoran from Artahka and a member of the Society of Guardians.


Nuzaka was created by the Great Beings and tasked with helping in the construction of the Great Spirit Mata Nui. After laboring in darkness to create the islands and locations of the Matoran Universe, he and the other Av-Matoran were tasked with the preparation of the universe core, Karda Nui for the Great Spirit's awakening. When the Av-Matoran suffered attacks from the lightning-like Avohkah, the Toa Mata were summoned to protect them. Nuzaka later returned to his homeland in the caves below the Southern Continent.


At some point after returning to his homeland, Nuzaka was sent to the realm of Karzahni in order to be repaired. Karzahni, however, went mad and trapped Nuzaka and several other Matoran in his realm. For the next several centuries, Nuzaka had to struggle to keep his sanity as he labored in the mad being's realm. In the last few days of his imprisonment, he became friends with an Artakha Matoran named Xakon.

Both were eventually rescued by Toa Zuvak and Kevtho.


Upon learning Nuzaka was an Av-Matoran, Helryx arranged for Nuzaka to be sent to Artakha with Xakon. Here, he spent the next thousand years as a crafter.

More recently, Nuzaka escorted the Toa Nuva from Daxia to Artakha.

Karda Nui

Nuzaka was later sent to the island of Daxia so he could be sent on a mission with the Order of Mata Nui's new "recruit", Proto-Beast.

He is aiding Proto-Beast in his mission in the Universe Core.

More to come...

Abilities & Traits

Like all Av-Matoran, Nuzaka can access limited elemental light powers. This allows him to change his body color and shoot light bolts. He also acts as a living source of energy for Proto-Beast's Midak Skyblaster. Following his membership into the Society, Nuzaka was taught how to shield his mind against telepathy.

Mask and Tools

Nuzaka wears a powerless Huna and wields a Power Sword and Power Staff.


Storyline Appearances

Non-Storyline Appearances

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