Obsidia Map
Primary ResidentsMatoran; Vortixx
Former ResidentsSkakdi
LocationTunakai Nui

Obsidia was once governed by a Republic of Vortixx and Matoran, known as the Republic of Obsidia. This Republic was later overthrown by the Lord Zidoran, who then claimed rule over the kingdom.

About 100 years after the fall of the Republic, a group of Skakdi mercenaries started called the Black Assasins.

When the Toa Avohkii where on their way to Gahru Nui, they came to Obsidia on the way. They witnessed Zidoran's tyrranic rule over Obsidia, and they overthrew him, placing a female Vortixx named Onyxid in his place. Then they continued on their way to Gahru Nui.

As it later turned out, Onyxid wasn't a very good queen. When the Black Assasins started vandalizing the lava dams of the many volcanoes of Obsidia, Onyxid got worried for her own safety. She hastily started an army of untrained Matoran, and she sent out search parties to find the Black Assasins' headquarters. None of the search parties returned. One day she got so upset that she simply left Obsidia, leaving it without a ruler.

Meanwhile, Zidoran had been looking for an opprotunity to regain his throne. When Onyxid left, Zidoran seized that moment and declared himself King of Obsidia once more. To protect himself, he went and tracked down the Black Assasins and outlawed them and killed their leader, Cexidek.

Obsidia is currently still under the rule of Zidoran.


  • It was known that the lava from the volcanoes was cooled in a special procedure to produce Obsidian, after which the kingdom was named after.
  • Zidoran ordered the residents of Obsidia to build him a palace made of blocks of Obsidian. The walls are studded with garnets and there is a back room where Zidoran keeps his treasure.Template:Locations

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