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Toa Ohlor
Element Ice
Kanohi Vehlt
Tools Midak Skyblaster, Ice Blade
Status Deceased
Location Spherus Magna
Pronunciation OH-lore

Ohlor was a Toa of Ice and former leader of Makuta Antroz's Toa Hagah team.


Ohlor was originally a member of a Toa Hagah team protecting Antroz. When a team of Toa Hagah rebelled, the Brotherhod of Makuta ordered all Toa Hagah teams executed. Ohlor escaped the Brotherhood, but was unable to save his friends. He later met Ihly, Rokkan and Darjal during his travels. The small band of Toa soon saved Kodix and Taram from Xidok. The Makuta knew that he couldn't win against the six Toa, and he retreated. Ohlor and the others later formed a Toa Team, The "Toa Backa". they decided to meet at the Southern Continent, for that would be thier future base. Ohlor got to his destination, but he found no sign of his fellow Toa. He was later attacked and knocked unconsious by Tobduk. He later woke up with Tobduk pointing his weapon at him. Tobduk then put his weapon down and looked down the cliff. Ohlor went to see what Tobduk was looking at, and found out that it was Taram being defeated by three creatures. He watched Tobduk defeat them, and they helped Taram up. When Taram woke up, Ihly arrived shortly after. She was explaining how she found them, but Tobduk dissappaered while she was talking. Ohlor, Ihly and Taram looked around for Tobduk, but he was nowhere to be found. When Ihly suggested that they should give up searching, Taram disagreed, and went to the canyon to find Tobduk.

Recently, Ohlor was captured by Makuta Desorak, and was brought to Xidok (Now known as Time Lord) on Spherus Magna. The two tortured the Toa, before they teleported him into the depths of space, where he suffocated and died.

Abilities & Traits

Ohlor was very strict when it comes to someone disagreeing with him, and he made a fierce leader of his Toa Hagah team. This is why Kodix placed Ohlor second in command of the Toa Backa.

As a Toa of Ice, he had near-perfect control over ice. As such, at a basic level he was able to create, control, and absorb ice and/or snow. Examples of this included creating and stopping snowstorms, lowering the temperature of a given object or area, and generating a blast of ice or snow

Powers and Equipment

As a Matoran, Ohlor had innate Ice powers, which manifested as a resistance to low temperatures. As a Toa, He gained full control over and access to his Ice powers.

Ohlor wore a Kanohi Vehlt, Mask of Binding, this Vehlt is carved like a Kiril, to honor his former team, who all wore Kanohi Kiril. Ohlor also wielded an Ice Blade and a Midak Skyblaster.


Fight to The Finish

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