Great Being
Status Mythical
Location N/A
Pronunciation OHH-mm

Ohm is a fictitious character created by the Great Beings to hide the origins of the Alpha Beings.


The myth of Ohm was created by Angonce for the Alpha Beings, with the intention of hiding to them the true origins of their creation and the identity of their true creator, Hantrek.

This myth was universally accepted by the Alpha Beings and Hantrek also decided to keep it to protect her identity, until she finally revealed the truth to Vavakx.

In myth, Ohm covers the same role as Hantrek in real life, but dies during the experiment that originated the Alpha Beings.

The only being apart from Angonce and Hantrek who knew that this was a myth was the Alpha Being Mersny, since Angonce told him in advance.

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