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Order of the Great Creators
Order of the Great Creators Information
Species AffliationAlpha Beings
LeaderMersny (Formerly), Vavakx

The Order of the Great Creators is an organization meant to serve as a link between intelligent species in the Matoran Universe.


Mersny, the leader of Alpha Beings, established a base of operations in Takiw-Nui. Subsequently, the order recruited agents over the years and began research works as it officially established as a link between the sapient species in the universe. Among other things, they experimented with many creatures.

At one point, Mersny felt disappointed that his work was not recognized as his agents received the glory by their discoveries and alliances. Given this, Mersny proposed a plan to overthrow Mata Nui and become the leader of the universe, changing the purpose of the order to be the head of a new empire. However, most members rejected the plan and overthrew Mersny. Since then, the order was directed by Vavakx.

Vavakx's Leadership

After the Brotherhood of Makuta rebelled against Mata-Nui, the Order of the Great Creators decided to break all alliances with the brotherhood and prohibited them access to Takiw-Nui, so the Makuta of the island, Zakkond, was expelled.

Centuries later the brotherhood launched a massive attack against the order, and the Order won the war.

After the death of Teridax, the order transmitted to Spherus Magna, and now is trying to establish relations between the natives of the planet and the inhabitants of the Matoran Universe.


The main objective of the Order of the Great Creator is to provide a link between species; in case of conflict between two societies, the order had to intervene to prevent wars. For every alliance formed with a society, the Order of the Great Creators recruited a representative member of that village.

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