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Outer Pit
Position Near Po-Sphera and Onu-Sphera, Sphera Nui
Size 10 kio deep, 10 kio wide, 10 kio long
Population N/A
Status In existance
Pronunciation N/A

The Outer Pit is one of the most dangerous places on Spherus Magna. It is near the City Sphera Nui. It's current uses are to keep the prisoners, and as an illegal dumpster. Because of the toxic waste exposure to The Pit, all of its prisoners have horribly mutated.


The Outer Pit is leftovers of a pit created when Aqua Magna landed on Bara Magna. Most of it was filled with non-needed materials from mining, like dirt, mud, and stone during the construction phase of Sphera Nui, but only half of it was filled. After the construction phase, the Sphera Nui council agreed on using the pit as a prison or jail for the criminals. Later, some Matoran started to illegally put the toxic waste created by industrial processes in there, as an industrial dumpster.

The waste caused the prisoners to mutate, causing to turn less smart, but more destructive. It didn't most of the Rahi, but some mutated, as well.

Later, Aserix was was temporarly banished to the Outer Pit because of awakening the Energized Antidermis pool known as the Pool of Entropy. After Aserix was taken out of the Outer Pit, he was horribly mutated, nearly dying. That time, the Sphera Nui noticed that the prisoners cannot be sent to the pit anymore. Aserix was later healed and cured by the other Great Beings.

Later, a passageway to Onu-Sphera that was created by a group of Rock Worm was found and closed by the Toa Sphera.

However, some of the Most dangerous criminals are still sent there.

Known Prisoners/Rahi



  • Mutation Process happening in the Outer Pit is called Aserix Fever, though to they noticed of the mutation when the Great Being Aserix had banished there.