"Pakagi looks just like a girl!"
KanohiLight blue Komau
ColorsLight blue, Blue
ToolsPakagi's Staff
LocationKowa Mountains
StatusAlive, in the Kowa Mountains

Pakagi is a guard. He is quite unusuaul, because he is a boy, although he's blue. He has a littlebrother named Piguka.


It's unknown how Pakagi's parents got to the Tofug Jungle but they gave birth to him there, not long after Matoran Hordika's Army/Monster Army War. After Pakagis birth his parents died in the claws of a Rahi.

Pakagi was originally a gardener but he later got a job from the guard.Pakagi has also been a shopkeeper for few weeks. He's a good friend of Mazihu and Cikalo and they guarded things together a lot.

During the War of the Clones Pakagi was imprisoned along with all the other Matoran but was freed by a global army assembled by Henkka. Pakagi then fought in the final battle against the Lerahk army until the Invasion of the Spiders of Doom. Pakagi was mutated into a monster but that was erased by Tapio when he used the Mask of Reality.

Later Pakagi was teleported to Firehead's Fortress where he was freed from in Quest for the Four Great Lands. Pakagi went to continue his job until the War Against the Spiders of Doom began. When Tofug City was conquered, Pakagi was captured. He was freed after The Rising.

Pakagi moved to Kowa Mountains with his littlebrother during the Great Migration. There he currently resides. Pakagi has a hard time guarding in this new location, because of Mazihu's recent sick holiday and Cikalo going to get chocolate all the time. For this reason Pakagi has asked for a vacation from his boss but his boss hasn't agreed.

Abilities and Traits

Pakagi is a very athletic Matoran. He's also very funny.

You may have noticed that Pakagis skin is more smooth than normally. The reason for this is the new Dove lotion! Pakagi recommends you try it! Because you're worth it! (We are not responsible if L'oreal files a lawsuit against us for using that line)


Pakagi has a staff. It was originally his father's staff but was left to Pakagi when his father died. Pakagi used it to protect himself in the Tofug Jungle as he grew up. He still has it and uses it as his guard tool.


  • Pakagi is one of the few Matoran that has already gotten a new apartment from the Kowa Mountains after moving there. He has also taken Mazihu, Cikalo and Piguka to live in this apartment too.
  • When Pakagi is guarding and girls walk next to him, they fall in love with him immedietly because he uses Dove lotion.
  • Pakagi has got offers from other Matoran to other jobs, but she's currently considering.

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