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Group Toa Neirae
Element Earth
Powers Elemental Earth powers, enhanced combat abilities
Kanohi Carmak
Tools Crusher Shields
Status Alive
Location Furro
Pronunciation PAH-KUH-RUH

Pakara is the Toa Neirae of Earth.


Pakara was created along with the Toa Neirae to fight against the Brotherhood of Makuta. The group defeated the Brotherhood with the Order of Mata Nui. Later, he and Toa Neiarae became the protectors of the Core Processor in Furro.

Personality and traits

Pakara has a serious attitude, completing given tasks exactly as he is told and as quickly as he can. Pakara is also found to be very silent, only speaking when really has to. Despite this, Pakara is very observant, easily determining the skills of his opponent and finding openings where he can. He dislikes fighting anyone weaker than himself, and will avoid it if he can.

Pakara is known to be very loyal, obeying orders given to him without second thought. Pakara puts all his effort into a task the moment he begins doing it, even during combat.

Powers and equipment

Being a Toa of Earth, Pakara is well skilled at creating and control the elemental power of Earth. He typically does not focus on using his elemental powers in combat, instead using his strength to his advantage. Pakara mainly uses a combination of speed and strength, focusing more on using acrobatics to utilise his increased body weight and durability to his advantage.

Pakara bears the Kanohi Carmak, the Mask of Durability. With it, his physical strength, durability, and weight are increased, even outside of combat. This increase, combined with his enhanced combat abilities, allows Pakara to cause devastating damage with his fighting technique. Pakara also carries two Crusher Shields, which are extremely durable and cause a lot of damage when combined with his Kracht-Vauhti technique.


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