SpeciesUssal Crab
ColorsBrown, Orange
LocationBio-Land, Comic Land
StatusUnknown, but alive

Pewka is a happy Ussal Crab who has had many owners. Pewka is friendly and loyal, and helps it's friends in any ways.


Pewka was originally Iruini's Ussal. Iruini found it abandoned by it's former owner during one of his travels. Iruini felt sorry for the crab and took it as his pet. It came adventuring in Alliance of the Enemies with Iruini, when he was called there by Henkka. It fought with it's friends, destroying many Minion Dogs, and it also carried Tapio, Henkka, Aino and Iruini (and later Matoran Hordika) wherever they wanted.

In Return of the Enemies, Pewka carried Aino and Iruini around, taking them to Tohunga Village at some point. The reason for this was that Pewka's former owner was a Tohunga, living in Tohunga Village. Pewka knew it's home and took it's new owners there. After the adventure, Pewka was taken to the village, Tohunga Professor promised to take good care of it.

Pewka appeared the next time in adventure Piraka Attack. Aino retrieved it from Tohunga Village and took it as her pet, because the Piraka were going to attack the village and the Tohunga had fled. Pewka then got attached deepöy to Aino and it helped it's master in any way.

After the adventure, it moved to Comic Land with it's current owner, Aino. There it didn't have big roles, it was just a pet. Pewka never showed up in Quest for the Four Great Lands. It is unknown where it was during the adventure. When Tapio and his friends moved back to Bio-Land, it is unknown where Pewka went. It's possible that it has a new owner in Comic Land now.

Abilities and Traits

Pewka is always happy and attaches to it's owner easily. It's also really fast and gets excited of very small things.


Pewka has claws which she can use to scrath or pick up objects.


  • Pewka is female
  • When Pewka sees a noble Komau mask, it becomes sad. One theory is, that it misses Aino, one of itäs former owners, and thus, seeing her mask, becomes upset.
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