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Kanohi Phiki
Title Mask of Ectoplasm
Powers Spirit
Pronunciation FI-ki

The Kanohi Phiki is the Mask of Ectoplasm, forged by the Great Beings. It has been always carried by Veuy, although he not used it much.


The Phiki is considered to be one of the most dangerous masks known, as it is exceptionally difficult to control. Using the mask is very exhausting and debilitating.

The mask allows its user to see and summon one or more spirits to its location for help.

It is so powerful that if it is damaged, it leaks its powers out, meaning that to destroy the mask would destroy the Life/Dead balance. Losing control of the mask would have the same effect as destroying it.

The Kanohi Phiki, Vahi, Ignika and Mask of Space are on the same power level because Space, Time and Life/Dead are fundamental forces of the universe. Only the Great Beings can make another Kanohi Phiki, because they are the only ones who know how to.


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