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The Pirates Universe is an alternate universe where the Matoran Universe has been mostly devastated in a disaster known as the Great Flood instead of the Great Cataclysm, resulting in the majority of the known world to be submerged.


Early History


Metru Nui

Metru Nui is currently almost completely submerged underwater, with the singular structure appearing over the waters being the tallest point of the Coliseum, where the ruling class originally overlooked all of the legendary city.


The homeland of the Skakdi race, and primary epicenter of the recently formed Skakdi Kingdom. It was saved from the Great Flood through the efforts of several Skakdi, which allowed it to exist above waters in the process.

Bone Isles

A series of islands with beaches comprised of shattered Rahi bones. The largest of the islands is home to the Bone Isles Prison, where the Toa Metru and their crew has adopted as their home and base of operations.


Known residents

Toa Metru

The Toa Metru are the most infamous of the remaining Toa in the universe, due to their turn to piracy in the wake of the Skakdi Kingdom's establishment.  

Skakdi Kingdom

The Skakdi Kingdom is the very first officially established government in Zakaz, as it was originally run inconsistently by four warlords. While many of Zakaz's residents are skeptical of the endurance of the kingdom, it is successful in its colonization efforts thus far. Obviously, the ruler of the Kingdom is the unnamed Skakdi King, who many theorize had helped found the monarchy using telepathy.

  • Skakdi King
  • Nektann - Former warlord/Admiral
  • Various residents
  • Various soldiers


Matoran as still very prominent in the flooded world, due to either resourcefulness or large amounts of remaining numbers. Despite the world as they know it being submerged several miles underwater, the Matoran try to continue their daily routines and duties, such as working in the Archives or Carving statues.


  • The landscape of this universe is inspired by Waterworld and One Piece.
  • The inspiration for this concept came from Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, One Piece, the Pirates of the Caribbean series, and Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger.
  • The universe's name is also the name for the storyline that takes place primarily in this dimension.
    • On that note, the storyline is also a reimagining of the BIONICLE Universe.
  • For some reason there seems to be an actual law of physics that allows for any violation of continuity, logic, or common sense...if the result ends up being funny.
  • Romance exists in this universe.

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