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Pool of Entropy is a pool of Energized Antidermis, which was the reason that Makuta were reborn after Teridax died.



The pool is an old place created to hold the Energized Antidermis created by the great beings, over 100,000 years ago, when they first designed the Matoran. They created it to store it, as it was ruining the planet. They put it into a eternal sleep, never to be woke up again, unless by a Great Being. For some reasons, the great beings all forgot about this pool, except one, named Aserix. The pool was left like that for 100,000 years.

Rise of the Shadows

The pool was woke up by Aserix, the great being. The pool was transferred to near the Outer Pit. As it yet wasn't powerful enough, it couldn't get out of there, thus it was stuck there for a long 5 years, until was discovered by two Agori searchers, Galas and Metum. It then formed a body, named Noriz, so it could actually do something, and it done it by power gained from the two Agori. As it was reformed two Noriz, the pool was no more after this.

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