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"Ah, Powerhouse, so deceptive. He is strong, and thus many mistake him to be stupid. He is not stupid."
Shadowed One The Shadowed One

"Powerhouse" is a silent and mysterious Dark Hunter. He has an Onu-Matoran Hordika as a partner/slave.

GroupDark Hunters
ColorsBlack, green, brown
ToolsLongsword, Shield, Kanoka
LocationSwamp of Secrets


His origins are unknown, as Behemoth found him ruling a small kingdom on a southern island. The locals told Behemoth it was not Powerhouse's homeland, and that he either could not or would not speak. Shadowed One The Shadowed One ordered him to join or see his kingdom be destroyed by the Nui Rahi Nui. Powerhouse agreed reluctantly, though his years as a Dark Hunter are largely unknown.

Recently, he was sent to Nui Karda Nui to observe the unfolding events. He followed Toa Kopaka and his team to the swamp, but his armor was so heavy that he was stuck in the mud. By placing a massive slab of rock on top of his head, he is capable of resisting the Storms Energy Storms that are currently taking place. He is able to escape, but wisely decides not to attempt.

Weapons and Powers

He has the power to stop any inanimate object from functioning or start functioning on physical contact (only if he wants to), and after he stops it from working, only he can reactivate it again. He carries a longsword which he stole from one of Bitil's duplicates during a battle with him. He has owned an impenetrable shield and Kanoka since before he ruled his kingdom.

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