"The door wasn't locked"
Tapio, Quest for the Four Great Lands
Prison Cave
Primary Residents Matoran
Location Gruissiono
Status Abandoned

Prison Cave from the inside, with light's out

The Prison Cave was a cave that held the Matoran of Gruissiono prisoners for centuries.

The cave was built by the Matoran of Gruissiono when Bruhodag told Trasder to do that. He said that there should be a cave where the Matoran could hide while the doom of Gruissiono came. Trasder ordered the building of the cave, therefore.

When the cave was done, Bruhodag came to Gruissiono and the Matoran fled to the cave. Bruhodag then fought Trasder destroying him and the city. The Matoran remained in the cave and thought that Bruhodag had trapped them there... even though the door to the prison wasn't locked!


The Prison Cave from inside with it's lights on. Tapio and his friends finding the trapped Matoran

The Matoran stood in the cave for centuries, until they were found by Tapio and his friends. The cave's current status is unknown now that the rebuilding of Gruissiono is going on. It will propably be destroyed or use as a large storage room.


The door to the prison


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