Prison Island

Prison Island is a small Island very close to Tera-Nui. It was Toa Jatax's idea to round up the criminal matoran that had been causing trouble, and put them on this small, inescapeable island. Many Dark Matoran have been put there, and seven of them have turned into Unholy Toa.

Known Inhabitants of Prison Island

  • Jali. Was put in for killing 3 Matoran.
  • Tara. Was put in for stealing priceless artifacts.
  • Hengi. Was put in for robbing 10 people, killing 4 of them in the process, and fighting against arrest.
  • Semna. Was put in for attacking Toa Vessen.
  • Yexnar. Was put in for brutally murdering 19 Matoran, and injuring 3 Toa. Somehow, Yexnar has escaped the island.

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