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"Don't you dare hurt my friends!"
―Proto to Shadow Turaga as she's turning into her monster form
ColorsWhite, Silver
ToolsProtodermis Staff
LocationComic Land

Proto is a female Toa of Protodermis. She is a member of the SPTF.


She was once a Ga-Matoran on Forthore. She was then captured by the Brotherhood of Makuta. One of their scientists, a Makuta codenamed "Dreamer",expirimented with her, turning her into a Toa of Protodermis. She later met a Matoran named Kenit, who quickly became best friends. However, 6 months later, Kenit found himself in the grasps of two Makuta, when Proto destroyed their armor and saved him from their Antidermis, just as "Dreamer" walked in to report a battle with the Dark Hunters.She suddenly turned evil, as the Brotherhood wanted.They sent her out alone and she killed all the Dark Hunters there. She then turned into her monster form. When "Dreamer" found he could not control her, she killed all the Makuta there except "Dreamer". She then killed Kenit after he said she was a monster. Then she revived them all using her powers. She would've died, but Demorik came and saved her at the last second. Demorik and his team healed her,and gave her a new mask, the Kanohi Ruru, Mask of Night Vision. When Demorik started his comics in his homeland, Comic Land, she was the first person he asked.


She is a kind Toa, yet when angered, she could turn into her monster form.


Proto's monster form.

Powers and Tools

As a Matoran, she wore a blue, powerless Hau. After the expirirement, she wore a silver Hau. She lost the Hau when she revived Kenit. She was then given a silver Kanohi Ruru to replace it. Her main tool is her Protodermis Staff,yet she can create any tool out of protodermis.

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