Protodermis Matoran
KanohiMask of Protodermis
OccupationProtector of the universe
ToolsProtodermis Staff, Protodermis Shield

Protodermis Matoran is a Matoran made totally out of Protodermis. He was created by Mata Nui. He used to live underground, underneath the Tohunga Village but has since moved away.


Protodermis Matoran was created by Mata Nui with a purpose to assist Henkka in his tasks and protect the universe. He decided to closely protect the Tohunga and built a cave beneath the Tohunga Village so he could observe their lives and help them quickly if something bad would happen. He stood there for thousands of years. During that time, he had lots of time to study other things of the universe and eventually became very wise.

One day, during Piraka Attack, Protodermis Matoran captured Takanuva and taught him fighting skills, for he thought that Takanuva was an amateur fighter (as he was, too). After training him, he joined the good guys and used his power during the final battle at Henkka Island to turn the Bohrok-Kal Army of the Piraka into just simple Bohrok. He hasn't been seen since the adventure. He just disappeared after the fight.

Currently Protodermis Matoran is in an unknown location, waiting for Henkka to do a task of his there.

Abilities and Traits

Protodermis Matoran is very wise but cold and hard at the same time. He, however, cares a lot for the Matoran and the ones who are on the side of good, you just have to be patient with him.

Mask and Tools

Protodermis Matoran has the Mask of Protodermis and he carries the Protodermis Spear and the Protodermis Shield.


  • Protodermis Matoran knows about all of the tasks of Henkka (including the last one which Henkka himself doesn't know) and will appear to help him someday.

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