Protodermis Shield
User(s) Henkka (Formerly), Protodermis Matoran
Functionality(ies) Defense, channel Protodermis powers
Status Henkka's lost, Protodermis Matoran's in posession of it's user

'The' Protodermis Shield is a shield made of hard Protodermis. In addition to simple defense, the shield can also be used to store small amounts of elemental energy into it, as well as channeling the users' Elemental Power. This ability is limited, however.

Protodermis Matoran has had his for as long as anyone can remember. It's shaped differently than Henkka's, but has the same abilities.

Henkka got his shield when he transformed into a Toa in protodermis.

Excample Usage

Henkka blocked many an attack with his shield in Return of the Enemies.


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