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Protosteel Sword
Bionicles 034
Status In use
User(s) Various
Functionality Channeling user´s Elemental powers, melee, various other uses

The Protosteel Sword is a blade made of Protosteel. There are various versions of this weapon, with many possessing additional functions.


There are many different types of Protosteel Sword. Below are the known types:

Picture Type Description
Bionicles 034 Basic Oksaki's Protosteel Sword possesses the most common design for this type of tool. It can be used as a melee weapon, and be used to focus Oksaki's elemental powers.

Oksaki recived this tool from Kevtho after being transformed into a Toa.

Bionicles 028 Zuvak Toa Zuvak's sword is a slightly modified version of the basic design. It is equiped with a chain and a Rhotuka Spinner launcher.
Bionicles 020 Skydrax A double bladed version of the Protosteel Sword.


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