Proxima magna
Solar flares can be seen as Proxima Magna eclipses Hanija Magna
Proxima Magna
Primary Residentsnone
Former ResidentsPrimitive Matoran
LocationClosest planet to Hanija Magna, BIONICLE System

Proxima Magna is the closest planet to Hanija Magna in the BIONICLE System. It was once the host of primitive Matoran, but they were wiped out when a huge flare from Hanija Magna destroyed all life on the small planet. This flare destroyed all the vegetation that was once on the surface, revealing thousands of craters left behind from its formation. The planet is currently uninhabited because of the increasing threat of solar flares from Hanija Magna.


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  • Proxima, in Latin, means "next to".
  • Proxima Magna is a Class-L Planet.
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