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Element Light
Powers The Ability to form Solid Light
Kanohi Noble Hau
Tools Power Blades
Shadow Matoran
Element Shadow
Powers The Ability to fire Shadow bolts. When bonded with a Toa or Makuta, could slow a target down.
Kanohi Powerless Jutlin
Tools Leg Blades
Element Light
Powers Light elemental
Kanohi Great Jutlin
Tools Dusk Axe
Status Alive
Location Spherus Magna
Pronunciation Ray-dee-ak

"Why are you hiding? You always used to talk so brave … come out and fight!"



Radiak resided in Karda Nui with the other Av-Matoran, and was good friends with Photok.

Shadow Matoran

One day, Radiak was going to repair a tear in the lightvine when he encountered Makuta Vamprah, who drained him of his Light, turning him into a Shadow Matoran. Antroz made him his personall servant, and when Antroz was blinded, Radiak served as his eyes. He later was mutated by Makuta Mutran to have four legs.

War in the Core

After Takanuva's arrival, Takanuva used a Klakk to cure Radiak. He then evacuated to Metru Nui when Toa Ignika prepared to restart the core.

After Teridax was killed, Radiak evacuated with the others to Spherus Magna, where he currently resides.

Alternate Universes

Unknown Universe


Once, Radiak found a Toa Stone in a Nook of a Karda Nui Stalactite. It's energy turned him into a Toa of Light, and he had a Power Sword that Charged up with glowing heat. This heat was truly energy from the sun. Radiak used the energy very sparingly, as it could turn the sun into a Black Hole.

Radiak found his own Island, finding scattered Av-Matoran to be on his council. The people named it Radiak in honor of him.

Mutated Toa

When the Visorak invaded Radiak (The Island), they trapped Radiak in their webs and pulsed their venom into his veins. He emerged looking like his old Master, Antroz.


When Radiak approached his people, they thought he was Antroz and shunned him from the Island.

Living in Secret

For nearly 3 years, Radiak was forced to live in secret on the Island. His people anxiously waited in worry. Then, while outrunning some Ta-Matoran, he found something...or someone.


Keetongu arrived! His senses told him Radiak had been mutated, and so showed mercy for him. Radiak was once again a Toa! He returned to his people, and told of his Adventures. He married Gavla, and together they led the Island. They fulfilled their destinies, and realized something.


They weren't sure how to do it. They asked Turaga Vakama, who was on the island. And just happened. Radiak and Gavla were the Turaga of the island, and they renamed it Vakam in honor of Vakama.

Perfect Strangers Universe

In the Perfect Strangers Universe, following Mata Nui's liberation of the MU, Radiak was made a Toa of light following the creation of a new series of Toa Stones by the Toa Hagah. Radiak was accidentally transported to Nexus Nui along with Toa Solek when an encounter with a being with an Olmak turned sour. Radiak then decided to aid the local Justicars, acting as a peacekeeper in the city.


Radiak is renowned for his courage and warrior-like spirit. After being corrupted, he enjoyed fighting his old friends and witnessing them being ambushed by the Makuta. He fought using his teeth and sharp leg blades.

Powers & Abilities

Both prior to and after his time as Shadow Matoran, Radiak had the ability to change how the color of his armor appears. He has been trained to use this ability reflexively, helping keep his elemental affiliation secret. Radiak can also channel small amounts of Light energy through his hands or tools. These abilities were briefly replaced with shadow powers upon his transformation into a Shadow Matoran, but have since been restored.

As a Shadow Matoran, Radiak had the ability to make his opponents sloth-like in that they would be too slow to make an escape. He could only use this ability when he was in physical contact with a Makuta.


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