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Before Shadow Radiak A Mutated Shadow Matoran (Krika's Servant) Radiak Remade Av-Matoran Alternate Radiak


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Radiak (Alternate)
GroupThe Enforcers of Tren Krom, Av-Matoran/Shadow Matoran from an Alternate Dimension
ColorsRed, Black
ElementLight, Shadow (Formerly)
OccupationEnforcer of Tren Krom Member
ToolsDouble-Blade Power Swords, Rhotuka Spinner, Dark Wing Blades (Double as Wings)


This Radiak was from a different, almost identical dimension where all the events from this and that dimension are the same. This Radiak was transported to this universe, after he was turned into a Shadow Matoran. This Radiak served Krika, though no one knew it.

Later, Takanuva found him and, like his brother from this universe, turned him back into an Av-Matoran. He disappeared sometime afterwards, re-appearing after he was given back most of his old form by Tren Krom.

Sometime afterwards, the Demo-Makuta Teplate tried to mutate him, but the process was interrupted. Radiak left as an insectoid Zetoran.



  • N/A


  • Unknown, as of this Time
Enforcers of Tren Krom (v

Leader: Tren Krom  • Commodon  • Treix (Former 3rd in Command, Rogue)

Elite: Pyroketox  • Feanor  • Zektox  • Vaylance  • Vavakx

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