Rahi control
Associated Colors Grey, Black, Silver, Blue, Green
Prefix An-

Rahi Control, also referred to as Beasts, is an Elemental Power, often associated with the prefix An- in the Matoran Universe.

Species Wielders


  • Can control any nearby creature and any creature (or intelligent being) wearing a mask infected by their Kraata. In addition this would include Rahkshi of Rahi Control.


  • An-Matoran are the main representatives of Rahi Control, and contain a miniscule amount of Rahi Control energy, making them more capable of befriending and taming wild beasts.
  • Toa of Rahi Control have the full elemental power of Rahi Control, and can command or alter extant creatures, as well as absorbing the body and life force of creatures into themselves. If not subdued mentally or defeated otherwise beforehand, some creatures may damage the Toa while being absorbed. A Toa of Rahi Control can also create Rahi, but the process requires some of the Toa's life force to work, and may leave the Toa extremely drained of energy and possibly incapable to function until the life force regenerates unless the creatures are very small or life force is used from recently absorbed creatures.
  • A Turaga of Rahi Control would have hypothetically retained small traces of Rahi Control energy.


  • Mentally commanding Rahi
  • Creating or absorbing any kind of creature
  • Transform an existent life form into a different creature (this process requires incredible ammounts of energy)
  • Sending information from a creature's senses into another being's mind
  • Altering a creature's emotions, disposition, or affiliation (this power also works on intelligent beings, but beings of high intelligence or willpower are difficult to influence)
  • Swapping the mind of a creature with that of a sapient being (not typically accessible by Toa)
  • Communicating with creatures, either mentally or verbally
  • Enhancement of the senses




  • All An-Matoran



  • Similar to how a sub-faction of Air is Vacuum, Rahi Control has many sub-elemental uses, a well-known one being Insect Control used by Makuta.
  • Except for very few special cases, all Matoran, Toa, and Turaga of Rahi Control are female.
  • The "An-" in An-Matoran likely comes from "Animalia" the word used for the taxonomic kingdom for human-classified creatures.