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Power(s) Various individual powers
Location(s) Widespread
Status Active
Pronunciation RAHK-she

Rahkshi were suits of armor created when a Kraata was immersed in Energized Protodermis.


Rahkshi have been employed by the Brotherhood of Makuta for over 80,000 years. Prior to their evolution, Makuta used a lengthy process which produced inferior Kraata, and by extension, inferior Rahkshi. Despite their faults, the Rahkshi were utilized in the Brotherhood's army, such as when they ambushed the League of Six Kingdoms. After the Makuta's evolution from biomechanical beings to beings of energy, they found it much easier and faster to produce higher quality Kraata.

A number of Rahkshi created have fulfilled their duties and were released from the servitude of their creator. These Rahkshi wander the islands, lacking direction. A number of these wild Rahkshi resided in Metru Nui, under the Archives, prior to the Great Cataclysm, some of which were fought and defeated by the Toa Metru. Shortly after the event, these Rahkshi were called by Teridax to act as a distraction to the Dark Hunters. These Rahkshi were obliterated by Voporak.

The Brotherhood of Makuta had employed the Rahkshi in every force they used, from defense groups to assault teams. They are used as guards on the Brotherhood island of Destral, ordered to kill and destroy any intruders. They have also been taught to recognize the Tablet of Transit, capturing and escorting any bearers. They were also utilized in most of the Brotherhood's military operations, such as when Kojol assaulted the island of Artakha.

The Rahkshi used in this raid were destroyed in an effort by the Order of Mata Nui to eliminate all beings aware of the location of Artakha.

In his effort to harass the Matoran of Mata Nui, Teridax created six Rahkshi to defeat their protectors, the Toa Nuva and obtain the Avohkii. Though the Rahkshi were potent foes, the Toa Nuva succeeded in defeating them with the assistance of the Toa of Light, Takanuva. The Toa Nuva scrapped the parts of these Rahkshi to construct Takanuva's vehicle, the Ussanui.

When Vezon landed on Destral, sent by the Order of Mata Nui, he was immediately captured by Rahkshi which took him to Makuta Tridax. The Brotherhood also sent a contingent of Rahkshi to the Southern Islands so that they could train there. The Rahkshi annihilated the local Matoran, and used the area as their practice ground. Recently, Axonn and Brutaka went there with an army of Skakdi, which they used to fight the Rahkshi. They were used extensively during an assault on Nynrah and the final battle of the war, in which they lost.

When Teridax took over the body of Mata Nui, he used his Rahkshi to control the inhabitants of the universe. He sent a group to Metru Nui in order to keep the Matoran in line (and guard entrances to the Archives), and had a force invade Odina, driving the Dark Hunters out. He also sent a regiment to Artakha, deeming the ruler of the island a threat.

After Tahu gained all the pieces of Golden Armor, the remaining Kraata were destroyed and the Rahkshi were defeated.

Other Rahkshi

Rahkshi light

A Rahkshi Panrahk

Mechanical Rahkshi

It is known that Zoruxx and Krall have both created Mechanical Rahkshi, whether it be for invasion purposes or for training.


Rahkaga-Rahkshi are Rahkshi made by Makuta that have aligned themselves with any organization that is allied to Mata Nui. The first Rahkaga-Rahkshi was called Rahkaga-Panrahk I, aka 'Genesis'.

Rahkshi of Fatum

The Rahkshi of Fatum are Rahkshi advanced by the Makuta of that world. They no longer have to rely on their staffs to use their powers and are stronger and smarter than previously.

A small group of these Rahkshi were half created with Toa essence; resulting in the ability to stay sane after their Makuta had died and granting them access to various other abilities.

An even smaller portion were transformed from the local Rahaga (diffrent from canon Rahaga) into Rahkshi through a Staff of Shadows. These Rahkshi were beaming with still unknown abilities.

Known Rahkshi Types

  • Ulthurak - First Rahkshi ever. Does not have an element of his own.
  • Turahk - Rahkshi of Fear
  • Vorahk - Rahkshi of Hunger
  • Lerahk - Rahkshi of Poison
  • Kurahk - Rahkshi of Anger
  • Guurahk - Rahkshi of Disintegration
  • Panrahk - Rahkshi of Shattering
  • Dyrahk - Rahkshi of Heat Vision
  • Tawrahk - Rahkshi of Wind Control
  • Elrahk - Rahkshi of Power Scream
  • Darahk - Rahkshi of Darkness
  • Electrahk - Rahkshi of Electricity
  • Plantahk - Rahkshi of Plant Life
  • Silrahk - Rahkshi of Chain Lightning
  • Dlorahk - Rahkshi of Gravity
  • Meltrahk - Rahkshi of Plasma
  • Skerahk - Rahkshi of Sonics
  • Kanrahk - Rahkshi of Stasis Fields
  • Furahk - Rahkshi of Fusion*
  • Tarrahk - Rahkshi of Wisdom*
  • Cloakrahk - Rahkshi of Invisibility
  • Rahkshi of Growth*
  • Dark Turahk - Elite Rahkshi of Shadow Fire*
  • Shadow Rahkshi - Protectors of Onu Iarn
  • Rahkshi of Heat Vision
  • Rahkshi of Speed *
  • Mechanical Rahkshi
  • Rahkshi of Camouflage *
  • Firahk - Rahkshi of Ice Resistance
  • Agitarahk - Rahkshi of Teleport
  • Hahrak - A dupe Rahkshi.
  • Dragarahk - Rahkshi of all 42 Kraata Powers
  • Vagarahk - Rahkshi of Sensory *
Rahkshi Color Kraata Color Power
Red Bright Red/Gold Metallic Fear
Green Green Metallic/Light Green Poison
Brown Gold/Tan Shattering
Blue Blue Metallic/Light Blue Disintegration
Black Gray Metallic/Light Gray Hunger
White White Metallic/White Anger
Gold Lemon Metallic/Dark Gray Metallic Weather Control
Tan Bright Yellowish Green/Bright Yellow Elasticity
Yellow Black/Bright Orange Heat Vision
Tan-Blue Dark Green/Bright Yellow Illusion
Blue-Green Lemon Metallic/Bright Red Teleport
Black-Brown Lemon Metallic/Sand Blue Metallic Quick Healing
Red-Orange Lemon Metallic/Dark Green Laser Vision
Blue-Silver Dark Gray Metallic/Lemon Metallic Gravity
Blue-White Bright Blue/Bright Red Electricity
Yellow-Green Black/Bright Yellow Sonics
Orange-Black Bright Yellow/Bright Yellowish Green Vacuum
Tan-Red Dark Gray/Sand Blue Metallic Plasma
Black-Gold Bright Orange/Black Magnetism
Aquamarine Black/Bright Red Fire Resistance
Red-Yellow Bright Yellow/Dark Green Ice Resistance
Light Purple Bright Red/Lemon Metallic Mind Reading
Blue-Gold Dark Gray/Bright Yellowish Green Shapeshifting
Black-Red Bright Yellow/Reddish Gold Darkness
Green-Brown Reddish Gold/Black Plant Control
Light Blue Sand Yellow Metallic/Reddish Gold Molecular Disruption (inorganic)
Silver Sand Blue Metallic/Lemon Metallic Chain Lightning
Black-White Sand Blue Metallic/Light Gray Metallic Cyclone
Black-Green Dark Green/Lemon Metallic Density Control
Red-Gold Sand Yellow Metallic/Bright Yellow Chameleon
Blue-Purple Bright Red/Bright Blue Accuracy
Magenta Sand Yellow Metallic/Black Rahi Control
Orange Bright Yellow/Black Insect Control
Blue-Black Sand Blue Metallic/Dark Gray Stasis Field
Gray Black/Sand Yellow Metallic Limited Invulnerability
Purple Bright Red/Black Power Scream
Red-Silver Bright Yellow/Sand Yellow Metallic Dodge
Gray-Black Bright Yellowish Green/Dark Gray Silence
Black-Purple Bright Yellow/Reddish Gold Adaptation
Blue-Yellow Light Gray Metallic/Sand Blue Metallic Slow
Gray-Green Black/Reddish Gold Confusion
Maroon Reddish Gold/Sand Yellow Metallic Sleep
Black-Crimson Crimson/Red Fusion*
Green-Black Unknown



Red/Purple Wisdom*
Silver Silver Invisibility
Black-Gunmetal Rainbow Endless Power

*These Rahkshi were created as experiments, and are subsequently not powers that Makuta have.

Abilities and Traits

To create a Rahkshi, two Kraata of the same power type are required, though level does not matter. One of these is put into Energized Protodermis, where it undergoes a change: from organic living matter to a non-living, inorganic shell — the Rahkshi's body. The other Kraata then crawls inside the Rahkshi and controls it, as Rahkshi suits are incapable of operating on their own. The Rahkshi amplifies the Kraata's powers, although its effectiveness still depends on the Kraata's level. Most Rahkshi channel their powers directly through the staffs that they carry; some, like heat vision and heat resistance Rahkshi, do not do so, though their staffs still aid their powers. As such, their powers are considerably weakened without their staffs. All Rahkshi also have the ability to fly.

Rahkshi are naturally destructive, often going out of their way to cause as much damage as possible. When they are acting under orders, this instinct is channeled towards one objective, making them extremely dangerous. When they are not under orders, they are much less focused, making them still dangerous, but easier to defeat. Wild Rahkshi are also very territorial, attacking anything that invades their area, even other Rahkshi.


Some Rahkshi actually develop individual personalities and are recognized as individuals.


  • Rahkshi seem to be the most used villains in both Bionicle canon and fanon.
  • 42 types of canonical Rahkshi exist.
  • 7 Rahkshi has been made into sets.


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