Rahkshi Army (Organization of Darkness)
Rahkshi Army (Organization of Darkness) Information
Species Affliation'
AlliesOrder of Mata Nui
EnemiesOrganization of Darkness
LeaderTeridax (Formerly)
Vultraz (Formerly)
HomelandGamulu (Formerly)


They were created on Hantrek City. They were also trained there. Some of them got order from Teridax to catch the Matoran of Metru Nui and to overrun Odina. After that they began to attack Korboka Nui in command of Vultraz but all of those Rahkshi got destroyed by Fritinast Grastem's lightning powers. A group of Makuta were working on improving the Rahkshi Army on Gamulu. These improvements were stopped by Helryx and her team. Some of them are currently going to Paxila to attack the Order of Mata Nui and prepare for the war in Teridax Nui while the rest have joined the Order of Mata Nui.


There are many special Rahkshi in the Rahkshi Army. Below are the known ones.

  • Soldier Rahkshi - a normal Rahkshi.
  • Elite Rahkshi - 3 Rahkshi fused together.
  • Air Rahkshi - Rahkshi designed for aerobic missions. Cyclone and Vacuum Rahkshi fused.
  • Fire Rahkshi - Rahkshi designed for heat-related missions. Heat Vision, Laser Vision, and Fire Resistance Rahkshi fused.
  • Green Rahkshi - Rahkshi designed for jungle-related missions. Rahi Control, Insect Control, Chameleon, Plant Control Rahkshi fused.
  • Black Rahkshi - Stealth and recon missions. Chameleon, Density Control, Confusion, Mind Reading, and Poison Rahkshi fused.
  • Super Rahkshi - Rahkshi designed for fighting super powered beings. Limited Invulnerability, Adaptation, Accuracy, Darkness, Quick Healing, Fire Resistance, Ice Resistance, Plasma, and Dodge Rahkshi fused. They also have super strength.


Organization of Darkness (v

Leaders: Teridax

Commanders: Ceasame  • Zaktuen

Members: Verahk  • Tazzuk  • Vakura  • Ohtvek  • Intor  • Render  • Vicoran

Servants: Tuma  • Vahi Makuta  • Shadow Lurax  • New Brotherhood of Makuta  • Kraahkan  • Kraahkan

Former members: Mata Knight  • Hantga  • Lhikan  •  • Bedurox  • Tridax/Super Makuta  • Rahkshi Army  • Makuta of Gamulu  • Vezon  • Orriki  • Raniza  • Shados  • Visorak HordeTagah  

Deceased members: Drakerix  • Zomahk  • Dertbrez  • Zakkond/Dark Vavakx  • Hantrek (Deceased)  • Nutrex (Deceased)  • Frezako

Former servants: Krakua  • Great Shadow of Universe/682Sitrius  • Eritko  •  • Hades  • Shadow Klakk Horde

Bases: Universe Core (Formerly)  • Teridax Nui  • Bara Magna  • Spherus Magna  • Karzahni

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