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Deus Raknog
Occupation Guide to Afterlife, Punisher of Guilty, Reaper of Souls
Powers Omniscience, Omnipotent, Immortality, Black Fire Breath
Tools Necroblade (tail)
Status Reincarnated
Location None
Pronunciation RACK-nog

 Raknog, also known as The Death Dragon and The Black Hellfire, was a large biomechanical dragon that roamed Bara Magna. It was an incarnation of the Deus.


Raknog was born from the remains of its predecessor, and began its duties by roaming the sands of Bara Magna. Once first witnessed, Agori and Glatorian around the planet believed it to be the only one of its kind and sought to hunt it. However, they eventually realized that Raknog was not a simple beast and came to believe (correctly) that the dragon was the most recent incarnation of their version of Death, the Deus. Despite this wide belief, Raknog was continued to be hunted by non-believers. 

At some point, a bandit raid on a small village lead to many murders and atrocities. While the bandits celebrated their victory during the night, Raknog appeared out of nowhere and massacred the group with its black flames. The news of this event caused many more to become convinced that Raknog was indeed the all-powerful Reaper of Souls.

Despite the assumption that Raknog, as a Deus, defended innocents, the dragon in fact did not interfere with crimes as they happened. Only after the murders had been committed did the dragon obliterate the guilty.

Sometime later, Raknog's life ended and was reincarnated as its successor.

Abilities and traits

What set Raknog apart from the other Deus was its personality. Unlike its predecessors or successors, Raknog was more animalistic in its behavior. It failed to properly speak and only communicated in low growls or deafening roars. Like a predator, Raknog was patient in destroying its prey. It waited for its victim's crimes to be committed before punishing him or her.

Like all its other incarnations, Raknog was friends with Brannigan. Once it had let the immortal ride it.

As the personification of Death, Raknog was immortal, omniscient, and omnipotent. It had vast reality-shifting powers that were rarely used due to the damage it could cause to space and time. 

Exclusive to this incarnation, Raknog had the ability to fly and breathe black fire, which not only burns the body, but also the soul.


Like its fellow incarnations, Raknog possessed the Deus's signature tool, the Necroblade. This time, the tool was attached to the tip of its tail.


  • This incarnation of the Deus is still a popular interpretation among the residents of Spherus Magna.
  • Raknog and its design was inspired by Alduin , from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and Deathwing from World of Warcraft: Cataclysm.
  • Raknog is one of BionicleChicken's favorite versions of the Deus.

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