This is a guild or faction requiring members and Custom Bionicle Lore Characters to be enlisted in. The current war is against the Toa and Glatorian across the BIONICLE Lore Galaxy.
--The Shadow Antroz, Ravage Faction Leader

The Ravage of the Brotherhood of Makuta
Headquarters Forte Makuta, World of Glatorian Craft Galaxy
Leader(s) The Shadow Antroz, Makuta Teridax
Status At War with Toa and Glatorian (Union)
Goal Destroy and take over the Great Galaxies from Toa/Glatorian control
Allies Makuta, Scrourge, Makutan Minions, Union (Faction)
Enemies Order of Mata Nui, Order of the Great Creators, Four Great Brothers(deceased)


The Codrex Union began in the Galaxy known as the World of Glatorian Craft. The original peace union was known as the Codrex Axis, until Forte Makuta broke off and attacked and took over several countries. The Makuta then assimilated with the Ravage axis, staying the same name of Ravage.
Khaz' Modan had their own group, primarily Makuta with the Infected race known as the Scourge. They had domination of Khaz' Modan plans. However, when both the two factions collided with the Makuta on the M.U. surface, they formed into the Ravage.
The Codrex Union stepped in and joined with the two universes in a completely different galaxy and built up the Union between the two galaxies and three universes.
Then suddenly the Ravage and the Union invaded Custom Bionicles Wiki to enlist member to help them battle their opponent, without realizing about The Archlord's Troop lurking.
The Final Battle For Power has begun.


Just edit and your name here to enlist in the Battle For Power:

no, daniel.c.c. is NOT on every faction, he's uhhhhh just a double agent, in multiple agencies, im um working for which ever one reads this

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