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"Go die."

Species Skakdi
Group None
Kanohi None
Colors Black, Silver
Element Earth
Occupation None
Tools Cutter
Homeland Zakaz
Powers Telekenesis
Pronunciation Rye-dack

Reidak is a Skakdi who has just left Zakaz.

Important Note

Reidak was never a Dark Hunter or a Piraka; Reidak just shares the name with the Piraka and comes from the same 'tribe', and is therefore the same color and looks alike.


Reidak was a Skakdi living in peace on Zakaz before Spiriah came. When that Makuta arrived on Zakaz, Reidak gained the power of telekenesis.

Reidak sided with his own tribe when civil war broke out. He killed many Visorak before the war; during the war he acted as a spy. He would sneak into other tribe's camps and find out their battle secrets, so that his own tribe would win battles between tribes.

He has recently decided that he could have a better life if he left Zakaz, so he has snuck past the guarding nektann on Zakaz and now is living on his boat, trying to decide where to go.


Reidak is somewhat reckless and impulsive, but is smarter than the Reidak in the Piraka. This one knows what is good for him, and does not enjoy fighting as much; he DEFINITELY does not charge recklessly into battle. He is treacherous, and will care about a companion if he considers that person a good companion. But otherwise...

Tools and Powers

Reidak comes from the tribe of Earth, and so can use earth if working with another Skakdi. He has gained the ability of telekenesis, which he likes to use on other people in combat. Reidak is in possession of a Protosteel Cutter, which can slice through anything, even Makuta armor.


"I know how to live. You know how to waste time and life."
—Reidak, to his fellow Skakdi when he left them
"Go die."
"I can use earth if I'm with another Skakdi. Then again, why would I want to be with one of you?"


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