Primary ResidentsMatoran,Turaga
Former ResidentsNui-Vaga
LocationEast of most islands(see the map)

Rimac was an island shaped like a large wanning moon.It lies on the Great Divide,a huge drop of the bottom of the Endless Ocean.It is also the site of the Elemental Altars,large shrines to each element that face the Far Side.



Rimac was originally discovered by a matoran of the same name.He named Rimac "Moonshadow" since it looked like the moon a lot.He brought some matoran later and they felt he was so generous that they renamed the island after him.He became their leader and was considered a king there.

The Dark Times

When the World Schism appeared,almost a thousand years after the island was discovered,the current monarch,King Tranas Rimac,died.The whole of the population on Rimac held a large funeral,casting his body in a stasis tube and letting it float on the sea,where it drifted to the Far Side.This signified that he had "moved on".His only son,Kraka Rimac,inherited the throne.

Great Cataclysm

During the Great Cataclysm,the island once again suffered.The monarch at the time,Queen Sanda,was greatly weakened and she went into a long coma.The island yet again suffered from this,as a new monarch could only take the throne when the last one dies.Since Sanda hadn't actually died,no monarch replaced her during the Cataclysm,and the island broke out into riots.The city of Rimacia fell a year after the crises,going into complete ruins.Only when Sanda came back did the riots diminish and the city was rebuilt.Sanda died of a Krana infection three years after that,and her "son",Tradis,took the throne.

The Great Conspiracy

It turned out that Tradis wasn't actually Sanda's son,but a Makuta who happened to be the greatest enemy of the spirit Gatris Nui.He refused to resign from the throne,and tried to use the powers of the strange elemental altars against Gatris Nui.The only way to harvest the power of these altars was to read The Secret,but Tradis could not find it.He eventually disappeared and the real child of Sanda,Sasdra,who is the current monarch,inherited the throne.

The Secret

The secret

The secret was written by Rimac to tell about the secrets of the island.It was written in a very strange language,and could only be read by an Av-Matoran,which was what the Rimac family was.It told of many things,even warning the monarchs about Makuta.The Secret would be presented to the new Monarch on their sixth day by the Elders(the advisers to the Monarch).The Secret would never be shown in public,as this was a superstition that the island would sink into the sea if it did happen.


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