LocationIn Mata Nui

Ripuri was a Iritan from Kiri Vai.

Early History

He was originally from Template:Bio, but during the Great Migration, the Iritan fled for Kiri Vai. While on Kiri Vai, he was among six Iritan who were accused of committing treason by letting the wild life of Kiri Vai into the Sacred Area of the region causing the spirit of Gui Da to leave them. He with five others were banned from Kiri Vai and sent back to Mata Nui, which at the time was presumed more dangerous then Kiri Vai.

Once on Mata Nui, he and the other five headed for the Kumu Islands, just south of Le-Wahi. There they found safety and security, but their leader was lost during the travels, placing Ripuri in charge. Ripuri continued their travels to Kumu Islands. Once on the Kumu Islands, Ripuri helped the other five Iritan set up a camp site and start a small settlement.

But one day, while fishing, Ripuri discovered a small canister floating in the water. He journeyed to it and was sucked underwater by the rip tide. He slowly fell unconscious and was swept away to land on the Island of Mata Nui, where he was found by a local wall guard named Takima. Takima took him in and raised him back to good health.

When he awoke from his unconsciousness, he retold a dream he had the night before. The local Template:Bioheard this and interpreted it to be the arrival of the Template:Bio, which had just happened. The Turaga insisted that Ripuri and Takima journey with the Koro’s Toa and help him search out the six Great Kanohi Masks, forming the Traveling Party of the Masks.


During his search, Ripuri discovered the Guardians, a race devoted to the protection of Gui Da, as they were scouting Mata Nui for a possible return. He then discovered that he was an Iritan, something he had forgotten when he was washed out to sea, and joined the Guardians in their small battle. He returned to Kiri Vai with one of the Guardians after the Battle of Mata Nui. He would later return to Mata Nui to finish his duty and save the Island.