Species Heavily-mutated Toa
Group Dark Hunters (Former)
Kanohi Huna, Mask of Concealment
Colors Red/Gray
Element Fire
Tools Zamor Sphere Launcher, Snipper, Shocker
Location Maita's Well
Status Alive
Pronounciation ROH-GEE

Rogi is a heavily-mutated Toa, his mutation being the reason he joined the Dark Hunters. Now, he is a former Dark Hunter. He is now the sidekick of Maita, helping him on their "assignment" to take over Dosa Nui.


Rogi's main flaw has always been the fact that he is a kleptomaniac. When the people of the village in the land he comes from found out that he had been hoarding all kinds of stolen items, they had him stripped of his title of hero and mutated him so that he could not be a hero anywhere he might run off to. Angry at what his people did to him, he joined the Dark Hunters. He was very good at completeing tasks, but the Shadowed One began to get annoyed with the way he would tend to steal things and hoard them. (he didn't exactly hoard a majority of actual payment, but hoarding in general is looked down upon by the Dark Hunter organization) When he came up with the thought of banishing ineffective Dark Hunter Maita, he decided to get rid of Rogi in the same way as well, by sending the two to take over Dosa Nui.

On Dosa Nui, Rogi often gets frustrated by Maita's overall stupidity. He is determined to complete this task as he completed all his others and is furious that Maita and the Toa Dosa in general are making it difficult. Currently, he is in Maita's Well, scheming on what he can do to make the assignment go more smoothly.


  • Rogi's name is "Igor" backwards, referencing how he is second to main antagonist Maita. However, while Igor is usually the dumb one in most stories, Rogi is more intelligent than his "master".

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