Toa Rokkan 001
GroupToa Backa
KanohiMask of Command
ToolsIce Blade, modified Midak Skyblaster
LocationBara Magna

"Whatever it is you want here, villain, you're not goimng to get it, so just back off and leave these villagers in peace, or I'll make you..."
―Rokkan to Time Lord during the Battle of Bara Magna

Rokkan was a Toa of Ice and deputy of the recently disbanded Toa Backa.


Rokkan became a Toa about three thousand years ago, on Metru Nui. He later left Metru Nui to try and save other lands. While he was on his travels, he met Ihly,Ohlor and Darjal. The four Toa later rescued Kodix and Taram from Xidok. Xidok knew he could put up with six Toa, so he retreated. The six Toa then formed a Toa Team, which they called the "Toa Backa". They decided that they would meet up on the Southern Continent. When Rokkan arrived, he saw no sign of his team, so he started to go around the island to look for them.

Much later, Rokkan escaped the universe, which Teridax now controlled. He met the Glatorian Verzarius, and they decided to team up and meet with the other fighters on Bara Magna. During their trip to their allies, the two were attacked by Xidok, now known as Time Lord, in a stronger and larger form. Rokkan ordered Verzarius to save himself and run away to his allies, which he did, leaving Rokkan to fight Time Lord.

The larger being commanded Rokkan to land his strongest of blows, which he did, but had no effect. Time Lord then proceded to kill Rokkan by impaling him through the chest with his Dark Battleaxe. He then stamped on the Toa's corpse, destroying it.

After the battle, a special ceremony was held to honour Rokkan, in which Ihly and Taram attended.

Abilities & Traits

Rokkan normally liked to work alone rather than be in a team. He was also a brave and couragous warrior, demonstrated when he defended Verzarius from Xidok. As a Toa of Ice, Rokkan could create, control and absorb ice.

Mask & Tools

Rokkan wore the Mask of Command, which allowed him to alter the AI of a being or robot to make them do his being. The mask was taken by Xidok shortly after his death. He also wielded an Ice Blade and a Midak Skyblaster with enhanced aiming.

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