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Roodaka Infobox1
Group Brotherhood of Makuta (formerly), Dark Hunters (formerly), Federation of Fear, Order of Mata Nui
Powers Limited Shadow Abilities, Mutation Rhotuka
Tools Rhotuka Launcher, Catcher Claws
Status Alive
Location Spherus Magna
Pronunciation roo-DAHK-ah

Roodaka is a powerful Vortixx who uses manipulation to get what she wants. She is extremely dangerous.


Early Life

Like most of her species, Roodaka began her life on Spherus Magna where she aided in the construction of the Matoran Universe. She was then placed on Xia.

As part of their culture, Roodaka and a male Vortixx scaled the Mountain, a sentient mountain on Xia. As they climbed, her companion got stuck, but Roodaka left him for dead, letting the Mountain devour him. Using this opportunity as the Mountain was distracted, she climbed to the top and was awarded a high position in the Vortixx society, as she was the only to return from the climb.

After the Kanohi Dragon was defeated in Metru Nui, it was brought to Xia and Roodaka welcomed it with open arms. She also met Toa Lhikan.

Dark Hunters

A thousand years before the Great Cataclysm, Roodaka traveled to Odina to be trained by the Dark Hunters, but only wanted to learn their techniques, not become a Dark Hunter. The Shadowed One refused this, but she was approached by Toa Nidhiki, who offered to train her in exchange for helping him to escape from the Dark Hunters. Roodaka pretended to agree, but instead told the Shadowed One what he was planning. She said she would keep the Toa of Air in the organization if they trained her. After the Shadowed One agreed, Roodaka turned on the Toa and mutated him into a insectoid monster.

She also created Silencer from a Matoran of Sonics.

Brotherhood of Makuta

Roodaka eventually became involved with the Brotherhood of Makuta, where she provided aid with her power, such as with the creation of Voporak. When Makuta Teridax's former Toa Hagah team raided the Destral Fortress in search of the Kanohi Avohkii, she mutated them into Rahaga, but they escaped with the Mask.

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Abilities and Traits

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Tools and Equipment

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  • Roodaka is one of the most popular characters among the BIONICLE community.