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"The day I meet somebody stronger than me is the day I die..."
KanohiKanohi Avsa
Element Shadow
ToolsClaw, Power sword
LocationFighting Toa Xiovi in Opayn desert

Rookamoor. Derived from the Matoran word for 'demon', Rookamoor is a fitting title for this being. His bloodlust is insatiable, his rage is plentiful and he will rip limb from body, flesh from bone and sanity from his opponents in order to become the strongest being in the world.



Around 10000 years ago, Rookamoor was a powerful Makuta. He underwent a mysterious process so that he could harness and contain his massive energies; but above all, this process set him on his unending quest for battle. It was this process that transformed him into a Penumbra. The difference between a Makuta and a Penumbra is that firstly, to become a Penumbra, the Makuta must be over 10 times more powerful than an average Makuta. Secondly, once transformed, the Makuta will appear more like a Toa in shape and stature. And finally, A Penumbra's true power and form is locked away in his/her body. This is known as the released form. After the transformation, Rookamoor killed most of his Makuta bretheren with his newfound strength. However, with all of this power he hungered for recognition of his strength. He wanted everyone to feel fear when his name would be mentioned. He had to prove that he, and he alone was the strongest Bionicle in the world.

Abilities and Traits

Released Form


Rookamoor's released form, 'OAiyn'

In this form, Rookamoor gains a massive tail, armour on his right arm and an even more powerful sword. Rookamoor's strength is enhanced even further; but more importantly, his killing instinct has been furthered greatly. In this state his intent on pulverising his enemy is his greatest weapon. However his weapon is an ironic one. Because of this animal-like rage he does not fight his opponent logically, but with brute force. In this form, Rookamoor gains:

  • A massive tail able to tear through protosteel with ease
  • An even more powerful sword
  • Armour covering his right arm. This armour has defensive properties greater than protosteel

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