"Why should I care? They're you enemies, Inwirn. You are free to use my hunters if you wish, but please do not mix me into this."
―Rordika to Inwirn
Kuvat 074
ColorsBlack, Red, Yellow

Rordika was a mighty titan. He had his own group, Rordika's Hunters. He commanded them and made them to obey him.


Long ago, Rordika joined the organization called Monster Army. After he found out about the true cruelty of the army and it's horrible actions, Rordika left the group. He became an enemy of the Monster Army this way.

It's unknown how Rordiika got his Rordika's Hunters, but at some point he did, anyway. The Rordika's Hunters built Rordika's Lair where they all went to live in peace. Although considered evil, Rordika didn't want to do anything against the Matoran or the Toa. He just wanted peace.

In the beginning of Tonga's Attack, Rordika saved Inwirn, who was falling to her death near her base. He made Inwirn part of Rordika's Hunters and Rordika promised to send them to kill her enemies if she wanted to. In the end however, Inwirn betrayed him and Juho came and saved her from Rordika. They made Rordika's Lair collapse together, killing Rordika's Hunters and presumably Rordika himself, although he survived.

Later, just before the final war in War of the Clones, Tohunga Professor found Rordika from an underground lava cave, into which he had retreated after the collapsing of his lair. Rordika promised to help the good guys since he had been betrayed by Inwirn. He was killed in the great battle against the Lerahk army.

Rordika was revived with the Life Machine by the Piraka. He only lived to help them for a short time however, since he got killed again when the Vahi was removed from the machine.

Abilities and Traits

Nothing of Rordika's powers are known, or if he even has any, but he does have great physical strength. Although considered evil, he felt compassion against the Matoran, whom against he should've fought. Rordika did turn good in the end... he just got killed soon after that.

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