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"It's my time to shine! No longer shall I be tertiary leader. I am a full leader!"
―Sagus toward Libran and Virlo [src]

Toa Sagus is the Toa of Stone and was tertiary leader of the Toa Villa before becoming the leader of the Toa Zordia and then the gunman of the Toa Duskua.

Picture 22
Toa Sagus
GroupToa Duskua
KanohiHerichia (Mask of Accuracy)'
ColorsYellow, Gold and Black
OccupationGunman of the Toa Duskua
ToolsMidak Skyblasters, Laser Eyesights
LocationDuskua Nui


The Substitute Toa

Toa Sagus was once part of the original Substitute Toa. But then Dawseo, Duskua Nui's messanger, gave him the Topaz of Pohatu. He then activated it on Villa Nui at the Temple of Stone where he met Keringa, the temple guardian.

The Bit in the Middle

Toa Sagus, in the middle of legends, protected Po-Villa and Po-Villa of Villa Nui. He also protected Fe-Villa and No-Villa.

Zordia Nui's Rise and Fall

Toa Sagus gained his Midak Skyblasters when he visited the Stone Temple for help. He was nearly killed by Pisci before Virlo saved his life. Then, he became the leader of the Toa Zordia. He helped Virlo and Libran evacuate a village in Le-Villa, before Libran and he confronted Pisci, only to fight Skorio. Skorio ran away defeated and soon after, Sagus found the poisoned Polkii. He saved him, but Polkii was slightly mutated. Then, Libran and Koko, Virlo and Leto and Polkii and he confronted the makuta for one last battle. Pisci left Villa Nui in mid-battle and Skorio and Aris were locked in the darkness of Villa Nui's core.

Sagus then travelled with the Toa Zordia to the Heavens, and helped the Toa Duskua fight the makuta there. However, his left arm was injured. But he shot down Pisci, and imprisoned him in a cage of pure energy with Leko and Libran in the desert skies of the heavens. Then, he and the rest of the toa gave his powers to Duskua Nui to defeat Zordia Nui, which he did.

The Toa Constella

Sagus went to the Stone Temple to ask what will happen. When he was heard, he gained his new guns and adaptive armour.

Abilities and Traits

Sagus is friendly and will be as loyal as always, no matter what. He has the best accuracy of all the toa and always hits. He has a tendecy to be jealous since he wants to be a leader as well as Leko.

Masks and Tools

His mask is Kanohi Herichia that gives the wearer really good accuracy. But even without, Sagus is still good at aiming. His midak skyblasters have laser eyesights to help him, but they're not really needed.

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