Sako smaller
Sako Nui
Primary ResidentsMatoran, Turaga, Toa
Former Residents{{{3}}}
LocationSouth of Tren Krom Peninsula

Sako Nui is an icy residential island between the Tren Krom Peninsula and the Southern Continent that is home to many different Matoran and Rahi.

Timeline of Sako Nui

Pre-100,000 Years Ago

  • A Turaga Council is formed to rule Sako Nui.

98,000 Years Ago

  • Sako Nui conquered by Xeirak.

94,000 Years Ago

  • Mantax's armies invade Sako Nui, and began battling Xeirak's forces. An alliance is made, making Xeirak a lieutenant, and giving Mantax the island to rule.

79,000 Years Ago

  • Following the fall of the League of Six Kingdoms, a Turaga Council is once again created to rule the island.

2,300 Years Ago

  • A troop of Rahkshi and Visorak attack Sako Nui, and Metru Nui ships Vahki to Sako Nui for aid.
  • The Rahkshi, Visorak, and many Vahki are destroyed, leaving Sako Nui safe.

1,000 Years Ago

  • Sako Nui cracks in several places due to the Great Cataclysm.
  • A den of Kane-Ra and Matoran village are forced together in a tremor that rearranges part of the island.

Residents and Rahi

Matoran - The primary residents of Sako Nui. There are more Ko-Matoran on Sako Nui than other types, although there are many different tribes on the island.

Kane-Ra - Bull Rahi, scattered in dens throughout the mountains.

Spike Prowler - A black reptilian creature that lives on the slopes of the island's mountains. It exists to fend off the Kane-Ra, and keep them in their dens. They suck life energy from Kane-Ra, but if their supply is cut off or threatened, they have been known to attack the Matoran.

Leviathan Crab - A large crab creature native to the waters around Sako Nui.

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