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Sand Stalkers
Bionicle20 322

Drepk, one example of a Sand Stalker

Colors Red, gray, black, and silver varieties have been observed
Roaming Territories Spherus Magna, Bara Magna
Unique Abilities endurance, stability on adverse surfaces
Element Glass (subspecies only)
Status Widespread

Sand Stalkers are a species of creature living on Bara Magna in the Shattering Universe sets, and on Spherus Magna in the Enlightenment and Melding Universe sets.


The Sand Stalkers developed in a natural manner on Spherus Magna, and were domesticated for use by the planet's main sentient groups, the Agori and Glatorian. While not as physically powerful or swift-footed as the Rock Steeds preferred by Bone Hunters and Skrall, the Sand Stalkers are incredibly endurant, capable of sustaining themselves with little food or liquid consumed for extremely long periods of time. These creatures are also incredibly stable on surfaces, able to walk through slippery areas of ice or oil, sifting sands and swampland with little trouble. The Great Beings had enjoyed using the Sand Stalkers as a base for their formative experiments, as the docile nature of a Sand Stalker often kept the resulting creature from rampaging in case of a malfunction or an overpowering of the creation. Aylonex in particular had a fondness for capturing large herds of Sand Stalkers and testing particular methods for chnage on them, though this was frowned upon by many of the others of his order. In the Shattering Universe sets, when Spherus Magna broke apart, these creatures were particularly valuable on the resulting Bara Magna planetoid, as their endurant nature caused them to be almost unaffected by any of the damaging effects of sandstorms.

Abilities and Traits

As mentioned prior, Sand Stalkers are incredibly amenable, but not as fast or as loyal as a Rock Steed. However, they are used far more than shardax or spikit due to this alone; while both are faster than Sand Stalkers, they are unpredictable and difficult to properly feed, respectively. When a vehicle is not available, Sand Stalkers are thus usually the next-turned-to method for transport. Of course, walking would always be an option of it, but Sand Stalkers are very much better at walking in a steady pace than Spherus Magna's native sentients.

Known keepers of Sand Stalkers

  • Ranzesk (his Sand Stalker, Drepk, is visible above)
  • Kuzak
  • Metus (keeps several, and rents them out to travelers)
  • Tarduk

Unknown Subspecies

The Sand Stalkers in the Rogue Phantoms alternate universe are somehow affiliated to glass. When pressed, they release elemental glass energy, which had originally been thought to be impossible for a naturally formed being to control. This power is unique to these rahi, and since they are frequently hunted, local leaders had strictly banned the hunting of these endangered rahi, but people from other lands rarely obey these ordinances. As the Rogue Phantoms alternate universe is known to have interplanetary travel, tampering is suspected as one of the factors for this subspecies's ability.

These specimens may be some form of prototype for the Glass Stalkers, but if this is so, the purpose for the creation of either of these creatures remains unknown.

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