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"I know my master very well, Helryx. I cannot let him die in energy"

-Sanya to Helryx, ready to give the message to the Order of the Great Creators

GroupOrder of the Great Creators (Unofficial), Toa Sitrius
OccupationProtector of the water region of New Takiw-Nui
ToolsWater Blade, Nynrah Ghost Blaster
Locationthe Archives

Sanya is a Toa of Water of Takiw-Nui.



Metru Nui

Sanya was a teacher in Ga-Metru as a Matoran and was Eritko's best friend. She got order from Nokama to warn the other Ga-Matoran to evacuate from the attack of the Vahki that would come. She made it to escape together with Eritko and Krakua from Metru Nui and Teridax.


In Takiw-Nui she was Vavakx's most trusted Ga-Matoran. She and Eritko discovered the power of the Dark Shed. It managed to infuse her but Eritko quickly cured her. She later got an order from Veuy to head to the Southern Continent and search for a Toa stone to a Matoran known as Voxter. She found another Toa stone and transformed into a Toa.


Destiny War

In the Order/Brotherhood War she got order from Helryx to inform the Order of the Great Creators about the Battle for Power in Karda Nui and that the Toa Nuva needed help. They joined the Order of Mata Nui in that way and later escaped the storm while Sanya already was in New Takiw-Nui.

Teridax's Reign

Nothing is mouch known about the latest happenings but it's known that she is in the Archives to take the Ga-Matoran of Metru Nui in safety.


Sanya is very kind and care about her friends. She also have a little crush on Tangle.



Toa Sitrius (v

Leader: Krakua

Members: Sanya  • Tangle  • Fentra  • Busta  • Drah  • Gust

Former members: Eritko

Partners: Toa Nuva

Honoary Members: Kylord

Servants: Joma  • Cyrax  • Airko  • Drogu

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