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"When I had him in hand and learned from my spies what had happened to him, I convinced him that the others on his team had been jealous. They had allowed him to be trapped and turned into a beast. In his maddened state, he was ready to believe friends were enemies--and I had a new Dark Hunter."
―The Shadowed One, BIONICLE: Dark Hunters [src]
Post-mutation Savage
SpeciesToa Hordika
GroupDark Hunters (Formerly)
ColorsBlack, sivler
OccupationOrder of Mata Nui operative
ToolsTri-Claw, Paralysi rothuka, blunt shooter

"Savage" is the insane and powerful Dark Hunter who was unluckily mutated by Visorak venom.


Savage was once a Toa who was captured by the Visorak and mutated by Roodaka into a strange hybrid between Toa and Rahi. Though he escaped and tracked down his comrades, none of his old Toa team recognized him. Believing him to be a monster, they attacked him, forcing his own mutation to advance. Losing himself to a rage, he severely injured his friends before running off.

Savage eventually stumbled upon Odina where the Shadowed One convinced him that his teammates had betrayed him to the Visorak. Savage then agreed to serve time in the Dark Hunters.

Later, during the invasion on Odina, Savage escaped. The invasion resulted on a deal between the Piraka empire and the Dark Hunters. Savage was eventually recruited by the Order of Mata Nui. Recently he accompanied to Metru Nui an Order's strike team. They went to the archives in search for Krahka, but ended up captured by the newly manufactured Vahki. When was awoken by Antroz, they were in on of the Great furnace's cells. They eventually managed to escape, although he almost fell in the lava, but was saved by Keetongu. Later, Antroz used an Olmak to transport the team to an island in the sourthen edge of the universe. There, they met Irnakk, who joined their team. After that, Antroz used his Olmak again and went to Odina. Here he is currently attacking the Shadowed's One fortress.

Later, he abandoned his services from the Order of Mata Nui and he was currently roaming across the Matoran Universe , hunting down Toa for revenge .

Abilities and Traits

As a Toa Hordika, Savage frequently gets Rahi-like urges and is seized by madness. When this occurred, he was locked in a specialized cell so as to prevent damage to himself, others, or the building. The damage that Savage does to his containment cell was taken out of his profits. He was later deflected fron the Dark Hunters and started to become the Toa hunter as he mercilessly killed countless Toa without any remorse towards them .


Savage's Tri-Claw can slice through any solid matters and his Rhotuka Spinner can paralyze his opponents.


  • "Savage" was created by fan C. J. Konopka, for the LEGO Magazine Dark Hunter Building Contest, and was given a storyline role and place in the book BIONICLE: Dark Hunters, by Greg Farshtey.


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