"Scavenger... Ugly thing."
―The Shadowed One
GroupDark Hunters
ColorsBlack, Silver
OccupationAssassin, Troubleshooter
ToolsClaws, Talons

Scavenger is a Dark Hunter who rose through the ranks by taking credit for other's works.


Scavenger and his friend, Eradicator, were discovered by the Dark Hunters when they attempted to hold an island of Matoran hostage. The Toa who were given the ransom note hired the Dark Hunters to kill the two hostage-takers, and the Dark Hunters complied. Kidnapping the two hostage takers, they allowed one of them to join the Dark Hunters, depending on which of the friends was able to best the other in battle. Eradicator won, and Scavenger was given an aide position below his old partner.

After a while serving under Eradicator, the two learned of a plot to assassinate the Shadowed One, and Eradicator attempted to shut it down single-handedly moments before its end. While he succeeded, Scavenger went to the Shadowed One to explain that Eradicator had perpetrated the plot, and killed all those involved to gain all the power for himself. Eradicator was then captured by Sentrakh and Darkness, and, although the Shadowed One was aware of Scavenger's falsehoods, was disintegrated by his leader's eyebeams.

Since then, Scavenger has gone from an experienced rookie to a highly regarded team leader, all by his scavenging and opportunism... while many lesser Dark Hunters have died or been disgraced, their work has been credited to Scavenger. Because of this, almost every Dark Hunter on and off of Odina hates Scavenger with a passion.

Abilities and Traits

Scavenger has the powers of shielding and mental scream, as well as the uncanny ability to know when treasure is near. Often, after a Dark Hunter has been assigned to a job, Scavenger will be assigned shortly after, to finish the job, and take credit for the entire thing. The Shadowed One knows all about this treacherous game, but acts ignorant, as Scavenger usually ties up loose ends that other Dark Hunters would miss.

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