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"This will be more than just mere fighting. It will be one that demonstrates the value of honor. "
―Seihu in his journal, Hidden Light

The School of Mata TaeKworu Zhex is a small martial arts school taught by Seihu.

School of Mata TaeKworu Zhex
Headquarters Metru Nui (formerly), Mata Nui (formerly), Spherus Magna
Leader Seihu
Goal To teach self defense. To teach students how to exercise the 3 virtues: Unity, Duty, and Destiny
Status Alive
Allies Toa, Matoran, Turaga, Order of Mata Nui
Enemies Makuta, Draku, Teridax


The school of Mata TaeKworu Zhex was formed by Seihu as a Matoran on a secluded part of Metru Nui. It teaches the Matoran martial art he founded, Mata TaeKworu Zhex.  Seihu adopted Yahru into the school while he was on Metru Nui. Seihu continued to train Yahru in that school on the island of Mata Nui. After the move to Metru Nui, Seihu drafted 6 more students into that school. They are now located on Spherus Magna. 


Translated to mean “The Honorable Mata Way” in the Matoran language, Mata-Taekworu Zhex is a Matoran style of martial arts. It is a hybrid of many styles of armed and unarmed martial arts. The fighting style uses:

  • balance control
  • strikes
  • punches
  • kicks
  • joint locks
  • throws
  • grappling
  • weaponry (final skill)
  • emotional control

The philosophy behind it emphasizes the three virtues of Mata Nui:

  1. Unity: Learning teamwork, friendship and good sportsmanship with fellow students. This can be done by learning from others, friendly but competitive sparring, and overall communication. This is the first thing emphasized when students come in.
  2. Duty: It's up to the Matoran or Toa to work on their personal health as well as study the curriculum. They must also have the motivation to play their role wherever they are and take responsibility for their actions. They must exercise self-discipline.
  3. Destiny: Although one's destiny is unexpected, the students should always be ready to expect surprises, as contradictory as it sounds. Their skills will be put to the test one day. Whether as a Toa or Matoran, they must prepare themselves. It is also one of the virtues that is used in terms of fighting, because they must prepare themselves against attackers

This form of fighting also teaches Matoran and Toa how to utilize their own unique gifts and abilities to their own advantage.

The rules of it are:

  • Never use your fighting skills for personal gain
  • Never use your fighting to kill
  • Only fight out of self-defense, not to start a fight
  • You must go by the three virtues.