The Scorpio Nui is a Nui-Jaga type rahi that has been around for as long as Tren Krom. It makes its home in the swamp of Karda Nui and is also found on Mata Nui.


The Scorpio Nui makes its home on the mushy land of the Swamp of Secrets. It also lives on Mata Nui and eats any insectoid rahi.


When the Scorpio Nui defends itself from predators, it uses its very long stinger and front claws. The stinger can release a sudden jolt of electricity or a blast of plasma. The front claws can stun the predator long enough for it to escape.


For offense, the Scorpio Nui uses its surroundings for hiding. It can change color, but its natural color is light green. When it's ready to strike, it pounces upon its prey and releases a stunning shock from the tips of its feet. When the enemy is larger than itself, then it will uses the stinger to electrify the target.

Matoran Uses

Many Matoran who have tamed the Scorpio Nui have put it to many uses much like they did with the Ussal Crab. Matoran may ride Scorpio Nui much like the would ride a Toa Phantoka/ Mistika. They attach their bodies to the rahi's back and then have control of the stinger. Also, because of the massive amounts of stamina and strength, Matoran are able to put many pieces of cargo on its back.


  • In latin, Scorpio means "scorpion".
  • Scorpio Nui was inspired by Zivon.
  • Scorpio Nui is made mostly of Kirop, Tanma, and Keelerak.
Scorpio Nui
ColorsDark Green, Light Green, Silver
OccupationCarries Cargo
ToolsStinger, Claws
LocationAmplus Nui
PronunciationScore-Pee-Oh New-Ee
BioBoy190 21:23, 10 August 2008 (UTC)

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