Serwa was a teacher at the temple that was in Feritanaya(Tapio's Original Homeland), who hated Tapio. He was the one who led the Sandmonster in the school. He was later killed by Makuta Taorix.

Kanohipowerless Huna
ColorsBrown, grey
OccupationMath teacher(fomally)
Locationbody:Drekor Desert, Bio-Land Soul:Havatra Nui


Serwa started his teaching career at the Temple of Feritanaya. For some unknown reason, Serwa hated his students. Serwa also used a whip to control his students, which was a real problem to everyone because he whipped them almost everyday. Serwa hated Tapio much more than anybody else in his learning chamber because he "embarrassed him, and being an insufferable know-it-all". Serwa's abuse to the school kids angered Gatoo so much, that Gatoo banished Serwa from the temple, and told him to never to come back. Then Serwa got revenge by luring the Sandmonster into the learning chambers. After the Sandmonster attack, Serwa had not been seen since. However, Serwa later seemed to come out of hiding.

Serwa later he found out that Tapio was still alive all these years after the Sandmonster attack, and decided get even with Tapio by lieing to another teacher named Zenta that Tapio was responsible for the destruction of Bio-Land (Zenta's Homeland). He then made the Matoran think that it was his destiny to "bring Tapio to justice", Serwa also lied to Zenta that he was a Turaga told him bring Tapio to him. Zenta however, did not believe him.

Serwa later moved to Bio-Land, only to discover that most of the land was destroyed by Makuta Teridax(In Mata Nui's body). After walking through the barren landscape, Serwa spotted a Makuta far away and panicked. Serwa ran across the barred desert, and suddenly heard someone screaming. He turned around and saw the Makuta he saw before, running right at Serwa, wielding a blade. Serwa ran, but triped, and saw his attacker coming closer and closer to Serwa. couldn't get up because of a back problem, and then felt a blade go through his chest. With fear in his eyes, Serwa decovered the basic fact of life(and death): You cannot scream when there is nobody around to hear you. And with that, the Ko-Matoran died.


into the school of Tapio's Original Homeland.

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